A Thousand Stinging Bees

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Why Does My Leg Feel Like It’s Being Stung by Bees?

If you have the feeling of stinging bees, it’s most likely nerve damage. I have been telling people my leg feels like it’s covered with a thousand stinging bees!

What’s that about? I would love to know! Since March I’ve been dealing with what feels like a thousand stinging bees on my left thigh. They say it’s advanced nerve damage. Some websites say there is no cure. Others say that nerves can heal over time. Either way it’s too slow for me.

But I’ve been thinking maybe this is a sign from the Universe that we need to move now. Who knows? Well it’s moved me to start finding a new home. I’ve been country shopping for a while now. So our next step is to sell a bunch of stuff and our last house in this state. Then it’s off to Texas to sell the last one. And to leave for a South America fact finding trip. Meanwhile the research continues.

UPDATE to this page! I have found something that really helped and now my leg stings only a little, and hurts only a little. I think it might actually get all the way better. Funny because the creator of the product has a textbook  about mushrooms that I read in Herbalist School and years later I found out he formulated his own products and they are on Amazon. How cool that an Herbalist is making good money as most don’t. Anyway, here’s the product and I am so happy with it. Only 4 bottles later and I am 90% improved! If you have nerve damage I highly recommend this product! I’m going to continue to take it and hope all my pain goes away!

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