Barcelona Sightseeing Highlights

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Tourist Attractions Barcelona, Spain

I was drunk on the beauty of Paris, so thought it would be impossible to duplicate that experience, but of all the places to visit, Barcelona was at the top of our list in Spain. I’d been hearing about it my whole life, and then there was that movie, Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona which was an ode to the city of Barcelona. I’m not a Woody Allen fan at all, but I am a fan of his movies. It was a stunning travel ad for Barcelona! And besides we were freezing all the time in Paris so we decided to head south to Spain. The trip down was totally gorgeous the whole way, winding through the Loire valley in France. We saw castle after castle in France and the Mediterranean coast on the way to Barcelona. It’s a long train ride so we got there around 9 p.m. and took a taxi to our hotel in the central district.

It was called the Acta Splendid hotel and we were so glad we stayed there as it truly was splendid! The location was great as it was a short walk to the subway and right by a bunch of cool little cafes and restaurants. The staff was warm and very helpful too. I had several business transactions I had to get done and they helped us get it all done, for free, while smiling the whole time!

Barcelona Sightseeing

The first day there we went over to Sagrada Familia and pretty much stared in awe at the spectacle that it is! Still under construction after 133 years and not scheduled for completion until 2045, it’s a strange and wonderful work of art. This was our introduction to the Bauhaus style of architecture Barcelona is famous for. Too bad there were cranes everywhere which made it impossible to get good photos!

La Familia barcelona sightseeing

La Familia Barcelona sightseeing

la familia barcelona sightseeing

Here’s the beautiful door of Sagrada Familia! Stunning, right? I snapped about 8 photos till I could catch it with no people in it! People would stand there and stare at its beauty!
door la familia barcelona sightseeing


Day Trips in Barcelona, Spain

We took the next 3 days after that to explore all that Barcelona has to offer including Gaudi’s buildings on Paseo de Gracia street, Casa Milà and Casa Batillo, and Parc Guëll up on the hill. All of them are spectacular too! We really loved Parc Guëll because of the ride up there on a city bus, and the view once we got there, as much as for the buildings themselves. We used Google maps to find the bus number and it was very easy to get there.

Barcelona Sightseeing: Parc Guëll

Parc Guell

park guell barcelona spain sightseeing

park guell barcelona spain

park guell barcelona spain

park guell barcelona spain

Barcelona Sightseeing: Bauhaus architecture by Gaudi

barcelona house

barcelona sightseeing house

barcelona house spain barcelona sightseeing

Barcelona Sightseeing: Las Ramblas

We also loved the La Rambla promenade, and all the little streets off of it too! We had meals at lots of little bars and coffee shops and never had a bad meal. The prices were quite low compared to Paris which was a very welcome surprise.


In the old medieval part of the town (El Raval) you often stumble into fantastic courtyards by accident. All of a sudden you are just in one and people are sitting in the sun having coffee enjoying the views and people watching. It reminded us of Italy in that regard. I had to take a photo of some of the lights!

lights in barcelona

We loved the people in Spain, they’re warm and so helpful. Many of the young people there speak English and they are happy to translate for Americans too. In fact, if you can’t figure out the metro maps just ask a young person. All of them were more than glad to help. Even the police were nice to us. We had no problems getting around in Spain.

We love Mexican food, and it’s very close to Spanish food, so we were in heaven in that way too. Any little bar will have wonderful bread. great coffee and hot chocolate, fantastic wine, and great little tapas. I was starting to feel fat from all the food there! We loved the beach there, so decided to go even further south and stay close to the beach in a beach town so our next destination was Valencia. We reluctantly said good bye to Barcelona!

Here’s a photo looking up at the blue sky above Las Rambla promenade in Barcelona! I loved the trees there! It was December. Imagine how it would look in the Spring!
trees on las rambalas barcelona spain

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