Carry On Suitcase Packing List

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Carry On Checklist

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The Carry On Suitcase is a little tricky. You need some things with you at all times of course so that’s easy. But I like to add in a change of clothes in case the checked luggage gets lost.

Most of the time airlines will find your luggage in a day or two, and if you have a change of clothing and a bathing suit, you can make it till the luggage shows up.

Tip: Leave copies of Passports, hotel phone numbers and itineraries with someone at home, and carry a set of copies too, along with a list of Emergency phone numbers.

Carry On Suitcase Packing List


List of Emergency Phone Numbers

Book or Magazine to Read

Laptop or Tablet

Toiletries (See Regular Packing List)


Set of Clothes

Set of Underwear




Glasses and Sunglasses



Cell Phone Adaptor

You can download the Carry On Packing List here: Carry On Packing List

Don’t forget to check the latest TSA rules if you are traveling on US Airlines.

TSA Rules for Luggage are here

Also, as of 2016, many airlines have changed the size requirements for carry on luggage, and they are not all the same either! (Why could they not make them uniform and thus easy for us travelers?) So your luggage you used to use for traveling may not be okay any more. This was true in our case so we had to buy new carry on luggage. Grrr…

But at least I am very happy with the luggage we ended up buying. You can see it here:

 Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Abs Upright Luggage Set, Blue, Medium

If you don’t love Blue as much as we do, just click on the photo, as this terrific luggage comes in something like 19 different colors! You can read all about how I feel about it here too.

Bon Voyage!