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I use to book my hotels worldwide and I have been very happy with their selection, their policies, and their SERVICE. Only a phone call away, they always rescue me if I have any problems. They have a mobile app too, so you can book from your phone, which has saved me a few times. You can read why I love them here.  I highly recommend!

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I use PicMonkey to edit my photos. Free and fantastic! You can get a free account here:


Prague, Czech Republic architecture peace love travel light

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Gorgeous City in the Czech Republic     Prague, Czech Republic has been recommended to us countless times by a lot …

la familia barcelona, spain

Barcelona Sightseeing Highlights

Tourist Attractions Barcelona, Spain I was drunk on the beauty of Paris, so thought it would be impossible to duplicate that experience, but …

hong kong harbor

Hong Kong, Republic of China

Hong Kong, Busy City! I’ve been to Hong Kong twice, once in the 1970’s when it was still a British Crown colony, …

Oahu, Hawaii, Peace Love Travel Light

Oahu, Hawaii

 Oahu, Hawaii, the Gathering Place Oahu means gathering place in Hawaiian, and is appropriate for this, the most populated island. If you …

peace love travel light

Resetting the Dream

Why are we Resetting the Dream? Sometimes no matter what your head tells you your heart screams are stronger. Such is the …