Fed Up With FEDEX

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Why I Hate Fedex! Yes I Know That’s Harsh

Well when traveling it is sometimes necessary to ship things, and when moving it is probably impossible to escape so now I will have to find a new way to ship because as I will be relating here, I really cannot use FEDEX ever again! This is actually painful for me, as I am foregoing a huge discount by not using them, but really, I’m fed up with them! It all started innocently enough; my husband walked out of our hotel room without picking up my feather pillow with my favorite pillow case on it! The horror, I know.

Well I wanted the pillow case back because I love that set of sheets and don’t want a missing pillow case, so I called the hotel and after a little searching they found it. Whew, easy fix I thought. Ha ha ha. “Easy fix my you know what” said the Universe in some perverted sense of humor. You just think it’s going to be easy to get that pillow back. Next stop I went to the FEDEX website,and gave them my account number and the address of the hotel and my current address where I wanted it shipped. I then faxed the label I created to the hotel to put on the box. The hotel also had put the address on by hand. I had a confirmation number and the promise of a pick up so I thought everything was okay.

But a few days later when it was late I called FEDEX who said there was some problem and they had no idea why it was not picked up. So I called the hotel who told me yes, they had it and yes, they had been calling FEDEX every day to come get it with no results. So I called FEDEX back and they said they would pick it up soon and send it to my old address in California. What? Why would you think it needs to go there? I addressed it here where I live now. I don’t know said the rep on the other end of the line, let me get you to customer service. (Silly me, I thought I was already talking to customer service.)

So I explained the problem and the new customer service rep said it was okay because the shipment had not gone out yet and she could get it routed to the correct place. I asked her how this happened and she had no idea but said not to worry, it was going to the right place now, and by the way she would send me over to another department to get my address changed in their system. ????? I already changed it in your system before I ever started this process. But okay, let’s get it changed now I thought. So that was done and I got a confirmation number.

Next day I called the hotel who assured me they put the label on it and it was finally picked up. And I finally got an email it would be delivered to my current address. So I wanted again. By this time it had already been 2 weeks, and when the pillow still didn’t show up I called again. Plus, my address was still wrong in their system so I changed it again and got a new confirmation number. I also had a case number about all the problems. At this point I had talked to FEDEX about 8 times and was sick of it!

But the horror story was not over. The next time I called they informed me it had been delivered to my old address in California!!!This time I got the only person the entire time who really tried to help me and didn’t blame me for the problem. She listened to me, then checked her notes and came back on the phone to tell me she had never seen such a screwed up transaction and there was no way she could ever apologize enough! Turns out the driver who picked it up was with the Express division of FEDEX, and I had shipped it Ground. The horror. They don’t get along and will not help each other.

She promised to follow up, but was late getting back to me so I called again And when I told the new customer service rep this she said it had to be me who put the wrong address on it, or the hotel. Now first off, the hotel has no idea where I used to live so it was not them. And second, I did it myself and I know where I live and I had already changed my address in the system anyway, and more importantly, I have their confirmation email telling me it was coming to my new address!!!! But she was not deterred and told me it was lost and to file a claim! I told her it was not lost and that by this time I had talked to the new owner of my former house and she still had it and wanted FEDEX to come get it. So she said it would be picked up soon and not to worry again.

But guess what, my address was still wrong in their system!!! Back to another customer service rep to change it again. There were several more calls, all more frustrating than the last. All in all I talked to FEDEX about 14 times during this process and finally gave up and just said Divine Order a few times and decided if it didn’t show up by Friday I would file a claim. During this process I had acquired at least 6 case numbers, several confirmation numbers, and some pick up confirmations but none of them were in their system unless they looked up my account number and again, no one on the Express side wants to help a Ground customer and vice versa. So the customer is on their own to navigate their system!!!

Well lo and behold it finally showed up on a Friday 28 days after it was supposed to. End of nightmare I thought. Wrong. I checked my Mastercard bill and saw I was charged three times! It took 2 more calls to fix it, or 16 total now), and you guessed it, they still don’t have my correct address in their system. But it doesn’t matter any more, because I WILL NEVER SHIP USING FEDEX AGAIN. They finally agreed to drop all the charges. I’m waiting to see if they do so or if I have to call again. I’m pretty fed up with FEDEX! Maybe it was a Murphy’s Law thing? If so I say Murphy’s Law should be repealed!!!