Hotel Discounts, Coupons, Codes to Help You Save Money

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Hotel Discounts, Coupons, Codes

If you travel a lot or even a little, you probably want to find hotel discounts, coupons, and codes for discounts to make your trip cheaper. I know I do! And I used to spend a bit too much time searching all over the internet for the best deals and it got old quickly. I want to be out there looking at beautiful landmarks, not stuck looking at my computer screen. But my days of doing that are over now, because I have figured out the easiest way to get great deals on all my hotel rooms using discounts, coupons, and codes all at one site:

I have kept track of how much it would have cost me to book at a few other discount Hotel sites and compared that to how much I actually ended up paying by using and it really blew my mind how much I have saved. Let me explain how it worked out for me.

For every 10 nights you stay, you get a night free. So that’s the first discount. And after you have stayed 20 nights you are a Gold member eligible for extra discounts; every week they have special promotions. These can range from 10-50% off bookings! So that’s the second discount. They also send special coupons all the time that allow you to get special deals, and codes for special deals too. (third discount)

On top of that, if you write reviews of the places you stay, they send coupons for extra nights, and for double rewards, meaning that your nights count as double towards your free night after 10 nights. Now I like to write reviews anyway, as it helps other travelers make up their mind where to stay, so it’s just an added bonus to get double rewards coupons.  I’ve worked out the math and I get paid about $12 per review to write them! (4th discount)

But there is much more to love about than the discounts. They give fantastic service! I did unfortunately get a terrible hotel in one city, and called to ask them how I could get a different one. They bent over backward to help me, and even gave me a $200 credit towards my next room, making that horrible room essentially free! This was after they called the hotel to get them to fix my problems. How much better service can you get ?

Another time I had to cancel  a room because our ship was late and the hotel had a no refund policy. But I called and they were able to get the hotel to refund our money anyway!

Most of the time the hotels have been fantastic, exactly as described. I also love their search perimeters. You choose not only the price you are willing to pay, but the neighborhood, and the amenities you want. We often like to be near the train station, and they have a great selection near almost all train stations. This alone has saved us a lot of money on cab fares. We want to have free wifi and free breakfast is very desirable too, so I list those on my request. It’s very easy to do the search, and the hotel descriptions are very thorough making it easy to pick. Well, easier to pick. There are so many nice ones I sometimes have a hard time deciding.

Really I am so happy with I have not even looked elsewhere for hotel discounts in a long time. They have a mobile app too, so when we decided on a whim to stay at a city we liked, I just whipped out my iPhone and booked a room on my phone, from the train. How cool is that?

Can you tell I love  Give them a try and I’m sure you will too!