How to Deal With the Paperwork

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How to Deal With the Paperwork When You Move!

So today I was wondering how I am going to deal with all the paperwork. You know, like all the files I keep stored for the IRS in my garage. They can audit you for 3 years, and if they find something wrong, they can go back another 3 years. So I save 7 years of tax returns and receipts just in case.

Weird that every household in America is keeping documents for the IRS. Like some gigantic all across the country filing system. I mean, they know everything already right? And they print money at will, right? So why do we even need to pay taxes? They could save themselves a lot of time and trouble and just print more of it. And we could dump all that paperwork in our files.

But until that happens, we have to have all that proof so how to move it abroad. Today I decided to deal with it by getting a scanner and then putting it all on flash drives. I have a scanner already but it’s slow. Here’s the one I’m getting along with a bunch of flash drives. Easy to transport those!

Fujitsu ScanSnap fi-5110EOX2 Fujitsu ScanSnap How to Deal with the paperwork

I also decided to handle the memo to the government about what to do with all my stuff if I die, i.e. we decided to get a trust instead of a will, partly because our parents did, and partly because it makes it faster for the executor to settle the estate. You can just get a will, and it’s better than nothing because OMG, it’s a nightmare to deal with all the paperwork after someone dies intestate.(without a will, literally) but for us and many families a trust is better than a will. You can shop around and we did, but in the end we went with Legalzoom because they know what they’re doing and are very reasonable.