Monaco, Glorious Fun on the Riviera !

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Beautiful Monte Carlo in Monaco!

While we were in Nice, we decided to go to Monaco and see how the rich people live. I do mean rich too. Monaco is the land of royalty, billionaires, gazillionaires, and the richest gamblers in the world. When they say “high rollers” they mean $10,000 for a tiny litte bet on the table. Actually that’s probably just the ante. or the price of admission to a game of poker.

We went over January 7th, which was a Tuesday, and what a lucky day to go.  It turned out to be the day that Prince Albert and Princess Charlene had chosen as  the day they would be introducing their new baby twins to the public. We didn’t know this beforehand; it was just a lucky break for us! Why? because all the buses were free all day in Monaco! We rode over from Nice on Bus 100  but once there all the other ones were free as part of the celebration. So we took several different buses around this tiny country and saw all of it.

It was spectacularly beautiful! It’s actually France on steroids; it’s the same spectacular food, the same beautiful architecture, the same language, but it all seems new, and it’s extra clean. The buildings seem like they were just built, albeit in the same ancient style. The harbor is gorgeous and it’s filled with huge yaghts! I mean yaghts bigger than most houses! They all have lots of antennas too; those people are not missing any TV shows.

Monaco on the Riviera
Monaco on the Riviera

It was a sunny day, and everyone was in a great mood, from that morning’s celebration, and probably just enjoying the fantastic weather. On the bus we heard French, German, Spanish, and lots of British English. I was so taken with it that I looked up how hard it would be to immigrate there. Well it’s not hard if you are rich! We saw that you need at least $250,000 to deposit in a Monaco bank account, to be left until you decide to leave. Then there’s the rent. An 800 square foot one bedroom apartment will run you about $2000 a month. And if there are more than 2 people in your family, they expect you to have a 3 or 4 bedroom which will be $2500 or $3000 at least! You have to prove that you have the means to pay for all this in addition to the $250,000 and really they say $500,000 is better. From what we saw of the food prices I can see why. It’s very expensive there! But if you have the means, it would be a fantastic place to live!


Monaco from the Harbor

The harbor is surrounded by high hills that slide steeply to the sea below, so people live on the side of the hills and have that wonderful view. We loved our day in Monaco, and our bus ride over and back too. The scenery between Nice and Monaco is just fantastic. You ride along the ocean right by the Riveria the whole way. We loved it! But we loved Nice too, and if we lived there we could go to Monaco any time so if we could stay in France that’s probably what we would do. Nice has the same incredible weather, and it’s very beautiful in its own right, and it’s much more affordable. Still it was fun to see how royalty lives for one day. If you go to the south of France you should definitely visit Monaco!

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