Moving the Stuff

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Moving the Stuff  When You Move Overseas

Moving the Stuff, ugh! George Carlin had a joke about how much stuff you really need in this world that chronicled the shrinking list as you go on vacation to smaller and smaller places. It was hilarious! You can see it here.

George Carlin doing what he did best!

So today I was wondering how to ship my stuff. I’m going to sell most of it, but some things I just have to have with me no matter where I go. I found this great site that ships cheaper than anyone else I’ve found. (Not an affiliate link.)

Ship Your Stuff anywhere cheap! (from the USA or Canada)

Other options: If you fly on American Airlines they will let you take up to 5 suitcases each if you pay them for it. So we can take 10 suitcases of stuff with us on the plane. If we fly back and forth a couple of times that might get most of it there. Or we could just use the option above and not have to go back to the U.S.A. after our big move. Will have to think on that after the GARAGE SALE. Ugh. Not my favorite words or activity. But it’s a way to get the stuff gone fast, so that’s on the list too.

Update, February 2015: But what we did was get rid of most of our stuff and packed the rest of it into 66 boxes and crates! Yes, crates for the 5 pieces of furniture we decided we couldn’t live without, and my husband’s various art pieces and the clothes and shoes we also don’t want to start over without. Just 66 boxes of stuff and whatever is in our suitcases, that’s all we own now. No cars, no houses,  just basics. Kind of hard to imagine that if you are a pat rack. Since I moved my whole life I’ve never really been one, so it turned out to be good for this move.

Here’s the luggage we decided on for our trip:


 Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Abs Upright Luggage Set, Blue, Medium

If you don’t love blue as much as we do, just click on the photo, as this terrific luggage comes in something like 19 different colors! You can read all about how I feel about it here too.