Planning a Long Trip

Planning a Long Trip

How do you plan a long trip? For long trips to multiple countries it becomes even more necessary than normal to get organized.  So right now we’re doing that. What vaccinations do we have to get? What kind of travel health insurance can we get since ours won’t work in other countries? How do we get around once we get there. We really don’t want to drive in a country where we don’t speak the language.  So many things to think about. Oh and which airline is the cheapest for this type of thing? etc,etc, etc. Getting dizzy thinking about it. But I think some travel guides are in order to make it easier.

We love Europe so we are reading this one :

planning a long trip

We are stopping by to see friends in Australia too, so this one should be very handy:

planning a long trip

And we got our International driver’s license in case we do want to rent a car. It was easy actually. We just went to AAA, and applied. They do the paperwork and take your photo and you walk out with one. Easy! Okay, no roads in the entire world are safe now as I have an International driver’s license. Look out world!

We also made copies of our bank statements so if Immigration in any of our countries we’re visiting wants proof we can afford to be traveling there, we have that proof. And we checked the Visa countries of all our countries too. We did have to get one for Australia, but it was easy; we did it online. All the other countries on our list did not require us to have a Visa. It is very easy to check on this. You can just google “Visa requirements for XXX” and you will find the official page for any country you can imagine.

And last, we bought new luggage that satisfies the requirements of all our airlines. They are all different you know, so best to check the measurements of yours before you go. You don’t want to be at an airport and be told you can’t take your carry on luggage on the plane! Time for us to pack, so I’m getting out our travel packing list and stuffing it all in the suitcases.

I think we are ready to go now! Wish us luck! Bye Bye!


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