Rome, Italy: City of Ancient Wonders That Will Mesmerize You!

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Rome, Italy! Ancient and Wondrous!

We reached Rome on December 6, 2014, the day before my late Mother’s birthday which was fitting since she loved Rome and always wanted to go back. I went with her as a child, and still remember it from those days, but wanted to see all its glories as an adult. It didn’t disappoint in the slightest! Here’s an old building by the Colosseum.

Rome Italy

And here’s the Arch of Constantine, right by the Colosseum

Arch of Constantine, Rome Italy
Arch of Constantine, Rome

Of course we had to go see St. Peter’s Basilica and even my non church going husband was blown away by the magnificence of it! We took the tour so we wouldn’t have to stand in line but if I had to do it again, I might not. Our tour guide droned on and on as we went throught the museum shops and we didn’t get to linger over some of the pieces we wanted to. Then we were rushed through the Sistine Chapel experience and though it was awe inspiring, again, we felt rushed. Here’s the Vatican from out front, at Christmas time, December 2014.

Vatican. Rome Italy
St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican, Rome, Italy, Dec 2014


Rome Italy
Obelisk, Vatican
papal_apts, Rome, Italy
Papal Apartments, Vatican, Rome, Italy


But there was much more to Rome than the Vatican so we went exploring on our own. We first took a city bus to the Colosseum and wow, just wow. It’s mind blowing how huge the thing is and how thick the walls are.

Colosseum. Rome, Italy
Colosseum. Rome, Italy

The next day we decided to tak a Hop On Hop Off bus tour of the city and we really enjoyed that. There’s a guided tour on tape you listen to as you go around, and they let you off at any of the monuments you want to see, and when you’re done you just get back on the next one that comes by. We really enjoyed it and had a 2 day pass so that let us see everything at our leisure. However, later we discovered an even cheaper way to book our own tours which I explain here.

Ruins in Rome, Itay
Ruins in Rome, Italy

At the time though, this was a very fun way to see all the charms of the city. We stayed very near the Vatican which made it easy to get everywhere, and there are lots of restaurants and shops, so it was totally enjoyable. It was just mind blowing to us that everywhere you go there are ancient columns, ruins and artwork just lying around in the middle of the modern marvels. We loved Rome!

Angel in Rome, Italy
Angel in Rome, Italy


Angel in Rome, Italy
Angel in Rome, Italy

 We visited Piazza Navona at sunset and the sunlight turned the tops of the cathedral sections into  golden glowing domes.

Navona Piazza Cathedral, Rome Italy
Navona Piazza Cathedral, Rome, Italy

Don’t forget a cool camera for your trip. I love my Canon Powershot! I took all these photos with one.

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