Sydney and The Blue Mountains, to Satisfy Your Australian Thirst

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Sydney and the Blue Mountains, Australia

Our trip to Sydney and the Blue Mountains: My very good friend Lynne Schroeder met us at the airport and took us to Watson’s Bay for fish and chips and wine, and Mrs. McQuarrie’s chair to see the Sydney opera house from across the bay. We stopped to take pictures of lighthouses and the beautiful harbor; the weather was perfect! Sunny and slightly cool, heavenly!

Sydney harbor, Australia
Sydney Harbor, The Opera House, Australia


After a while we went back to our hotel which was called a budget hotel (Ibis Budget Hotel) but omg. Everything but the bed is extra, including wifi, at the rate of $10 for 30 minutes. They charge $12 a load for laundry too (not a typo!) Australia is awesome, but the wifi policy sucks. It costs money for it everywhere you go. There is not even free wifi in the airport like there is other places. In fact Australia is wonderful, but it’s very expensive. A couple we know have a tiny 2 bedroom apartment in Coogee Beach and it was a million Australian dollars! Very cute actually, but omg, a million dollars! Take lots of money if you visit there.

Photo taken from the window of our train on the way to the Blue Mountains:

Sydney Blue Mountains Australia
Train trip:
Blue Mountains, Australia


 After a barbeque with friends of ours in Sydney we took the train to the Blue Mountains where my friend Lynne lives and had a fantastic time!  (To find train schedules and fares you can go here.) She and her wonderful husband and family made our stay unforgettable. We even tried Kangaroo and Crocodile for dinner! Stayed in a fantastic mountain cabin we got thru (which I totally recommend !) It was peaceful, serene, private, and perfect! (but true to Australian form, no wifi…)

Our cabin:

Blue Mountains outside of Sydney Australia

Here’s a path in the Blue Mountains!

Blue Mountains, Australia Path
Blue Mountains, Australia Path

Why are the Blue Mountains blue? It’s from the eucalyptus oil in the leaves. When the air forms dew, it has that oil in it and gives the air the blue color. Don’t you just love that?

blue mountains Australia
Blue Mountains, Australia

Here is a photo of the Blue Mountains with the mist rising up from the canyon floor in the morning. A cloud below the canyon rim. This really amazed me! Nature is full of surprises! And like Australia is the land down under, this cloud is down under! The famous 3 Sisters are in the foreground.

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia
Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia

Lynne took us everywhere: to Katoomba, to Leura, to all the sights in the Blue Mountains. We rode the cable cars and the steepest skylift in the world to visit old coal mine operations and walk in the rain forest which was amazing. Up at the top we saw the 3 sisters and other ancient stone formations in the gardens of stone. Beautiful! At night we ate with her family and at an Aussie pub. Just wonderful!

Here’s a photo of fern trees taken from the cable car!

Blue Mountains, Australia
Ferns from the top of the Cable Car, Blue Mountains, Australia

And here is a photo of Katoomba Falls!

Katoomba Falls, Blue Mountains, Australia
Katoomba Falls, Blue Mountains, Australia

Animals in Australia

Here’s a Koala!

Sydney Blue mountains Australia
Koala, Australia

She even took us to the Featherdale Zoo on our way back to Sydney and it was an awesome day! To see the Kangaroos and Wallabies and all the cute Australian animals and birds was beyond amazing. This is a Wombat. I fell in love with these creatures. We loved seeing Australian animals!

Sydney Blue Mountains Australia
Wombat, Australia

 Back in Sydney we stayed in Randwick and took city buses to Coogee Beach and the opera house again, and to see the botanical gardens. It was all beautiful and fun! Coogee Beach was especially gorgeous! We ate Thai food in restaurants right by our hotel, the Perouse in Randwick. Very nice people and the location was great as it was about 20 steps to the bus stop! Would definitely stay there again. They had free wifi, a rarity in Australia. All in all, it was 8 days of fun! To find the bus schedules in Sydney, go here.

Look at the baby in the Kangaroo’s pouch!

Sydney Australia Zoo
Kangaroo and Baby in its Pouch!

This is a group of Wallabies.

Sydney Australia
Wallabies, Australia

We loved Australia! The people, the natural beauty, the air, the beach, everything! Would go back in a heartbeat!

One last thing: There are amazing birds in Australia, Cockatoos are everywhere and Parrots of many kinds. Here’s a typical scene you can see there!

Cockatoos, Blue Mountains
Cockatoos, Blue Mountains

And my best recommendation: Have a friend as wonderful as Lynne to show you around! We will never forget our stay in Australia! But in case you don’t have a friend to show you around, I highly recommend this book which helped us decide where to go and what to see and how to get there:

Don’t forget your binoculars!

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