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Top 10 Packing Tips
Tips for Travel Packing

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1. Put your shoes in plastic bags. Stuff them with socks and hosiery, or undies(themselves in plastic bags) for space saving.

2. Put all toiletries in plastic bags.

3. Roll your clothes instead of folding, for less wrinkles.

4. Pick a color that most of your wardrobe pieces will be. That way everything will go with everything else and you can mix and match for lots of different outfits with fewer pieces of clothing. I like to use Navy Blue and one other color. Black or brown work well too. White is too hard to keep clean but lots of people like tan as their basic color.

5. Pack less clothing than you think you will need, and buy a new top as a souvenir of your trip. That way every time you wear your new top, you can think about your trip and go on vacation all over again.

6. Some people say it’s best to buy luggage that stands out so you won’t have any problems spotting it. But what if you already have basic black luggage like most people who travel? Not to worry, just personalize it with ribbons so you can see it from afar! I use lots of different colored ribbons on mine, with some of the ends shredded. Easy to find. But even one ribbon will do, or yarn, or a handkerchief. Also consider unique luggage tags for the same reason.

7. If you are traveling with a companion, one way to make sure you have some clothing in case your luggage takes a while to show up is to cross pack, and by that I mean put a few clothes in your companion’s suitcase, and have them put some of theirs in your suitcase. That way your chances of having some clothing are much higher since airlines seldom lose both people’s luggage at once.

8. Put your name and phone number in every suitcase.

9. Pack a copy of your passport in a separate suitcase from your real passport.

10. If you travel often, consider keeping a set of toiletries and makeup in your luggage. That’s what I do. And when I return from a trip, I check what items might need replacing so I’m set to go for my next trip. Then when it’s time to go, all I have to pack is my clothing, and the rest of the non toiletry items. Much easier. I hope you enjoyed my tips for packing!

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