Travel Health Insurance

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Travel Health Insurance


travel health insurance
One thing you are going to need if you are going on a long trip like we are is travel health insurance. I’ve been looking around for health insurance for a while and came across this site today: (not an affiliate link)

Have to say I’m pretty impressed with how they have laid it all out so we are going to call and get this set up. Funny thing but it’s cheaper than our insurance here by a long shot, so the savings are going to pay for our trip! That’s pretty funny to me. But it’s actually a serious subject; you need it to travel for any length of time in Europe which is where we are going.

So don’t be caught without it. If the immigration official wants you to produce your proof of insurance, you are going to be stuck for a few hours or more until you get it sorted out. Just handle it before you go for peace of mind. Then no matter what happens, you will be able to get treated in a hospital and even sent home to your own country if necessary. Yes, they will even send you home on a plane if you need it! Wow!

And if you have a pre existing condition, they even have links to companies who will help you out but at the least, you will get a list of doctors you can see about any health conditions that pop up. They even insure your trip so that if you have to cancel for a good reason, you will get refunded. How cool is that? I feel so relieved now.

Maybe I will need this cute bag soon! (I hope)



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