Turin, Italy: A Gem in Northern Italy

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Turin, Italy

We decided to visit Turin because it’s a long way to go to Toulouse which was our next destination after Venice and when I checked the train routes and city descriptions I saw that it has an Egyptian museum. My husband and I both like Egyptian artifacts and history so we decided Turin was a good place to stop for us. The museum is also very close to the train station making it very convenient. So that’s the last city we visited in Italy. We only stayed for 3 days, but it was a very nice experience. I’m posting some photos we took at the museum throughout this page.

Egyptian Mask, Turin Ialy
Egyptian Mask, Turin

We stayed at the Concord Hotel which was very close to the train station, and it was very nice! Large rooms, luxurious too. Great breakfast which was included! We loved it except for the coffee, which was probably the worst coffee I have ever tasted, and it was sort of funny because when I went over to Trip Advisor, several people said the same thing, so I guess they need to clean their machine or get a new one. But we still loved the hotel.

Turin Italy
Egyptian Statue, Turin


We were there right before Christmas so all the streets had beautiful Christmas lights and people were out shopping. Oh one thing, our hotel was right by the red light district! Yes prostitution is legal in Italy and they have novel lights to mark the district. We made jokes about that for weeks.

Turin, Italy
Red Light District, Turin Italy

We did go to the Egyptian museum and it was very interesting and it has a very large collection, supposedly the largest outside of the Cairo museum. That was a very fun day, and every night we went to  little restaurants around the hotel. It was Italy so we got pizza! All over Italy you can go to little bistros and get pizza to go for almost nothing, so we indulged all the time. I wonder how the Italians keep from getting fat with all the bread and pizza they eat. Note to self: must go on a diet!

Egyptian Mummy, Turin
Egyptian Mummy, Turin
Turin Italy
Egyptian Pottery
Egyptian Stele, Turin, Italy
Egyptian Stele

If you are interested in Egypt and don’t want to or can’t go there, Turin is a good substitute! We really enjoyed our day at the museum. They have a lot of magnificent statues from various Pyramids too. And you can buy lots of cool reminders of your day in the museum shop. We are trying to travel light so didn’t buy any.

Here’s a great book about King Tut with lots of photos of his golden artifacts.

 The Complete Tutankhamun: The King, the Tomb, the Royal Treasure (King Tut)

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