Valencia, Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea

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Valencia, Spain

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In California we lived right by a city called Valencia, so it seemed like a good idea to visit Valencia, Spain  on the Mediterranean coast. Turned out it was a beautiful city and experience.

Where to Stay in Valencia, Spain

Old Town, Valencia, Spain

We had been walking around medieval cities all over Europe on our whole trip so this time we decided to stay in one. We found an apartment on and booked one at the Blue Moon Apartments. What a fantastic place it turned out to be! It was off season so they had many vacancies and gave us a huge 2 bedroom apartment all to ourselves. It’s always nice to have your own kitchen and this one had a washer and dryer too, so we got to catch up on laundry.

valencia,spain street scene
Valencia Street Scene , close to Old Town

It was on a narrow street, one so narrow that our taxi could barely fit! We got lost a few times when we were walking around but it was an awesome experience to be staying in the old city. There were lots of quaint little shops to visit, and there were police walking around all the time so it felt quite safe even at night. 

I think everyone should stay in a medieval town at least once. We felt like we were living in the Middle ages instead of the 21st century. We didn’t even mind getting lost as the place was so charming.

But if you don’t want to stay in the Old Town, there are several big hotels right on the edge of it that were beautiful from the outside and the lobbies were also quite grand, so those would work too. I always recommend that you go to and book there, putting in your location preferences. In Valencia I would say to stay by Old Town, or the beach. 

Bridge Leaving Old Town Valencia, Spain

valencia bridge
Bridge in Valencia

The Beach in Valencia, Spain

The beach there was gorgeous! A very wide beach palm tree lined one with Golden sand that goes on for miles! A wide boulevard to walk on, gentle waves, and a warm sun in the winter time were a welcome respite. I think the beach was our favorite one we visited in all of Europe.

The Promenade: Well the one in Nice was amazing too, so hard to decide between the two of them, but the warmth of the Valencia one probably gave it a little edge. This was January, and yet it was warm compared to some of the places we went before and after. We really loved it! Here’s a little restaurant on the promenade there.

valencia spain restaurant on the beach

We went to see all the cathedrals of course, and visited the market, and walked around the whole town, and took the buses and trolleys around it too. The market there was really amazing and was sort of like the one we had visited in Albi while we were there. It was all in a big light filled egg shaped building that was Art Nouveau in character, and it had every kind of food you can imagine. And lots of dry goods.

I shopped for a new suitcase because my handle had broken but no luck on finding a Blue one I liked. The food prices were amazing! We had gotten used to the prices in Italy and France and were very pleasantly surprised at the quality and the prices of the food in Spain. All served with a smile always!

Here’s the central market, right by Old Town. 

valencia spain market
Market in Valencia

How to Get Around in Valencia


We took the trolley around to some of the other neighborhoods and actually had a funny experience. We don’t speak Spanish so kept getting on the wrong trolley. Well actually we managed to get on the right one, but going in the wrong direction, not once, not twice, but 3 times in one day!

It was kind of embarrassing really. We were the last ones on the trolley going out to the ocean and the conductor told us we had to get off and we started to panic. We had no idea where we were! But luckily a police man helped us figure out what we had done and rode with us back to where we could do a transfer to another trolley line.

So if you can read the color coded directions better than we can you can get around quite easily and as we proved, if you get lost you can find a young person and they will help you. A young couple there even tried to get us the correct change so we would not have to go find a change machine. The Spanish people are truly lovely.

Here is one of the churches. This one is St. Joan’s Cathedral which is in  Plaza de la Reina. The next photos are some of the carvings on the church. Stunning sculptures! 

St Joan's church, valencia, spain

Here are some of the decorations on churches there.

valencia, spain grotto3
valencia,spain grotto2
valencia grotto


The people of Spain really impressed us with their hospitality! Everyone was nice, even the police. The young people we met usually spoke English and went out of their way to help us everywhere we went. We love the Spanish people! This is a government building of some type. They decorate everything! I loved the lamp posts there!  So ornate!

valencia govt building and light post
After 4 days in Valencia we left our darling apartment and headed up to Madrid. We were in for an amazing experience there too! Here is a shot of the sky looking up through some beautiful trees in a courtyard next to a church.
valencia trees

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